Portfolio Credit Control
Month: September 2013

Debt Recovery Chief Critical of Cable’s Late Payment Levy

Business secretary Vince Cable has suggested a ‘late payment levy’ to tackle the problem of businesses not paying their suppliers on time. However, the boss of a leading debt collection agency has claimed the idea “won’t work”. Charles Wilson, CEO of Lovetts, conceded the plan was “well intentioned”, but claimed that Mr Cable had not … Continued

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Credit control positions

Finding the best people to fill credit control positions within your company can be difficult, and you may still be looking for the best way to secure the highest quality staff. Portfolio Credit Control knows exactly the kind of attributes that are necessary for these demanding roles, and our experience could prove an invaluable part … Continued

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Credit Analyst Jobs

To ensure you hire the best possible candidates for your credit analyst jobs, it is vital to target the kind of basic skills needed in all credit control roles. Portfolio Credit Control can spot which candidates would be the best fit for your business, sending through only the most credible applicants for an interview. What … Continued

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