Portfolio Credit Control
Month: February 2015

What makes a good debt collector?

As with many professions, individuals who work in debt collection should possess a number of key attributes and develop a number of skills in order to succeed in their role. At Portfolio Credit Control, we know exactly what sort of things you should look for in debt collectors and credit controllers, so we thought we … Continued

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The importance of communication in Credit Control

When most people think of Credit Control and billing administration, an image that will likely pop into many a head is that of a person crunching numbers furiously on a calculator. Strong mathematical skills are integral to success as a Credit Controller, but this is not the only characteristic the job requires. As with most … Continued

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A look at FCA penalties in 2014

Throughout 2014, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issued a record amount of £1.5 billion in fines to various financial services providers. This figure is almost three times bigger than that of the previous year, and clearly demonstrates the FCA's commitment to clamping down on the irresponsible conduct of banks and other companies in the financial … Continued

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