Collections Officer

Collections officers are crucial members of credit control teams, as they are in charge of the recovery of outstanding debts.

The successful candidate will be able to chase multiple unpaid debts at once and have the capacity to resolve any issues preventing an account from paying its outstanding amounts.

The required skills

Given the job's importance and level of responsibility, it requires a strategic approach and a specific set of skills. Good organisation skills are imperative, as the job involves remaining diligent and up-to-date with the status of all debtor accounts.

A good collections officer will be able to adapt rapidly to changing situations and make rational decisions quickly.

Strong communication skills are also necessary – both internally and externally. The successful candidate will be able to liaise with colleagues in other parts of the credit control department on the status of various debtors.

The ability to correspond effectively with many different clients is also a highly desired trait. Maintaining cordial relations is crucial to any job in the field of debt recovery, as it can be a rather sensitive subject for many clients who experience financial problems. Good people skills will greatly impact the collections officer's success when it comes to recovering debt.

Collections officers use databases and spreadsheets on a daily basis, so proficiency in using Microsoft Access, Excel and Word is vital.

Expert recruitment advice from Portfolio Credit Control

Our knowledgeable and experienced consultants can offer you invaluable advice with regards to filling your collections officer jobs. This could potentially save you a lot of time and expense in the long run.

We examine your applicants and identify who the strongest ones are, before we send them to you for face-to-face interviews. This way, only the most suitable candidates take up your valuable time.

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