Credit Control Assistant Jobs

Whether you’re a graduate looking to begin a career in credit control or you’re looking for a credit control role somewhere new, Portfolio Credit Control’s experienced consultants can help you secure the right position for you.

What we look for in candidates

Credit controllers play a crucial role in a business’s debt recovery process, and therefore are vital to the overall cash flow of the company.

You needn’t have a vast amount of experience under your belt in order to qualify for a role as a credit control assistant, yet this can be advantageous and help you stand out. Young and driven individuals are often effective within this role.

Necessary skills and experience include:

  • A high grade in GCSE maths – it is vital that candidates can demonstrate their proficiency in this area given the financial nature of the position, as an inability could lead to potentially expensive miscalculations.
  • Strong time management skills – the successful applicant will need to be highly organised in order to effectively assist the credit controller in the management of several accounts at any one time.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Access Excel or Oracle Database – candidates should be able to demonstrate their ability to use the software to a practical standard.

Above all, you must have exceptional communication skills and be able to remain calm in the potentially stressful situations that can arise in credit control.

Finding a role with Portfolio Credit Control

We specialise in the recruitment of credit control professionals, this means we have a comprehensive understanding of the industry and what our vast network of clients are looking for in their newest employee.

If you would like to speak to the Portfolio team about a credit control assistant role contact us on 020 7650 3199, alternatively take a look at all our available credit control vacancies.

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