Four traits every credit analyst needs to succeed

There are a number of specific skills we look for when hiring our credit analysts and other credit control staff, but here are some more immediate traits you should look for.


The key to any sort of analytical work is making correct interpretations with the information you have. Where large sums of money are involved, as in credit control work, this is especially the case.

One of the main duties of a credit analyst is to assess the risk associated with extending credit to specific customers/clients. Therefore, it is crucial that research is carried out – especially with regards to their credit history and cash flow.


This is closely linked to scrupulousness, but relates more to the analyst's sense of urgency and their ability to think quickly.

Sometimes, big decisions have to be made in a smaller timeframe than is ideal, but this is where an experienced credit analyst will demonstrate their value.

IT literacy

Proficiency with computer programmes is now a must. Microsoft's office software – particularly Excel – is used every day in most credit control departments, and the credit analyst will also be expected to communicate via email with co-workers and people external to the business.

Having an expert knowledge of computers is not absolutely necessary, but the more adept the credit analyst is to begin with, the better.


This is of course a skill that is desired in most jobs, regardless of the nature of the work, but is absolutely imperative to success in credit control given that huge sums of cash are at stake.

Credit analysts are expected to keep detailed records of everything that goes on, both internally and externally. By noting down developments or even conversations, the analyst will have something to refer back to if they are ever questioned about a specific client or occurrence.

It is likely that regular reports will be expected for each client, so the credit analyst must be able to factor this into their workload, and have the capacity to produce detailed reports at short notice.

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