International Credit Controller Recruitment

As many companies now operate internationally as well as domestically, it is important that they are staffed accordingly. Of course, the credit control department of any company is hugely important and integral to its financial health, so skilled credit controllers are always in demand.

Portfolio can help you find an experienced and hardworking credit controller who can help your company operate efficiently on an international level. We know exactly what to look for.

Specific Requirements of the Role

Given its complexity, this sort of position generally requires a deeper skill set than the average debt recovery role.

Language and Communication Skills

In any credit control role, the ability to communicate effectively and politely with debtors is an absolute requirement. This automatically becomes more difficult when dealing with international clients – to many of whom English is a second language – so a multilingual credit controller would be extremely valuable.

If you need a credit controller who speaks a specific foreign language (or several), we can tailor our recruitment search in order to ensure a much more suitable pool of applicants when it comes to the interviewing phase of the process.

Even if you don't need your credit controller to speak a foreign language, you should want one who can communicate clearly with customers who speak English as a second language. Cultural differences and gaps in vocabulary can make communication more difficult with non-native English-speakers, so an applicant who bears this in mind whenever dealing with international customers will be much more effective.

Previous Credit Control Experience

As this is such a complex and important role, a good practical understanding of credit control is necessary. You will want a professional who has already proved their proficiency on a domestic level – if not someone who has already gained some experience in an international capacity.

A Persistent Nature

In any debt recovery role, perseverance is crucial to success – pursuing and getting through to debtors is a daily task. When those debtors live overseas and perhaps don't speak English very well, this quality becomes even more important.

Talk to Portfolio for Recruitment Advice and Services

We can help you find an international credit controller with the right practical skills and personal attributes for the role.

Call Portfolio Credit Control on 020 7650 3199 for more information. Alternatively, you can register your vacancy with us right now, and we'll get started with the search straight away.

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