Debt Recovery Recruitment

An effective credit control department is staffed with several skilled professionals who each perform a different yet equally vital role. Debt recovery specialists help to ensure that outstanding customer debts are paid in full, and therefore for many businesses they carry out crucial work.

Portfolio Credit Control can help you find a debt recovery professional who is experienced, qualified and motivated to perform to their full potential. We will assist you throughout the recruitment process, identifying which applicants are the most suitable for both the role and your company.

Attributes We Look For in Debt Recovery Candidates

Although an academic qualification such as a business, finance or maths degrees is indicative of a candidate's intelligence, it does not necessarily prove their suitability for a role in debt recovery. A degree is certainly advantageous, but we also look for the following attributes:


The main function of a debt recovery department is self-evident – to pursue any payment owed to the company by a customer or client. Some customers can be difficult to reach by phone or email, so it is crucial that every member of your debt recovery team is able to persevere in prolonged stressful scenarios.


Although it is key to persevere, it is equally crucial to always remain polite and sensitive with customers – no matter who they are or how much they owe the business. Unwaveringly politeness is often the most effective approach when it comes to recovering debts from difficult clients, because compassion and understanding for the debtor's situation goes a long way.

Organisation Skills

Chasing debts is much easier if there are records of those debts available to hand – such as signed and dated contracts. Therefore, scrupulous attention to detail and strong organisational skills are absolutely invaluable.

Computer Literacy

Of course, in the modern age, most debt recovery work is carried out with the aid of computer programs such as Microsoft Excel and Access, as well as numerous databases. Candidates must be able to demonstrate proficiency with such programs and with computers in general.

Portfolio: Refining Your Recruitment Process

Our consultants will make your recruitment process more accurate and more efficient. Their expertise means that suitable candidates will be identified quickly – and conversely, unsuitable applicants will soon be spotted and removed from the shortlist.

We will make sure you hire a proactive and effective debt recovery specialist. Register your vacancy with us and we'll get straight to work.

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