Reasons for hiring temporary credit control staff

There are many reasons why you may want or need to bring in temporary staff to fill credit control roles within your company.

Whether there is a practical necessity for this or you are simply hoping to revitalise your department and keep people on their toes, this is a fantastic chance to add a quality member of staff to your team.

Some of the main reasons for hiring temporary staff include:

  • Covering absence – there are many circumstances in which a permanent member of staff may need to take a prolonged break from work, and credit control temps can be brought in to cover for them until their return.
  • Special projects – There may be a large project coming up that you know will last a set amount of time, and extra staff may be needed to cover this. It may also be that you need someone with a certain skill set that no one on your current team possesses.
  • New ideas – It is always helpful to have a fresh perspective on projects, and temporary staff could have plenty to say when it comes to a whole range of old and new projects. Bringing in temporary staff can also be a motivating factor to your current employees, who may up their game when faced with new competition.

Converting temporary to permanent

You may also consider recruiting temporary staff in order to see what they can do before committing to a permanent appointment.

For example, you might bring in an interim credit manager to see how they handle working in a leading role within your team, and then hire them or let them leave once their contract is up.

Additionally, the prospect of future permanent employment may be enough to attract quality applicants who would otherwise not be interested in temp work.

Even if you do not have this in mind initially when hiring temporary credit control staff, if you are very impressed you always have the option of offering them a permanent role within your business upon completion of their contract.

Ask Portfolio Credit Control About Temp Recruitment

If you would like to find out more about how Portfolio can help you recruit temporary credit control staff, call us on 020 7650 3199 and we will discuss how best to proceed.

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