Reconciliation Jobs

A reconciliation specialist is tasked with ensuring that the company’s accounting ledgers are in agreement with its bank balance.

Their job often involves creating and implementing detailed processes that ensure all credit controllers are keeping a clear record of the accounts they work on, making it easy to locate discrepancies as they arise.

Account checks will often be carried out by the reconciliation expert at the end of a month, to ensure that the figures drawn up by credit control staff match with company accounts. This allows them to note down anything that is unaccounted for a look into why this is the case.

It is important that reconciliation jobs are carried out diligently all year round, as if a mistake is left unchecked it could take a lot of time and resources to find the source.

What skills should your reconciliation specialist possess?

If you are hiring reconciliation staff, there are a number of qualities you can look out for during the recruitment process that will let you know whether or not a candidate is suited to the role.

A key attribute will be strong attention to detail, as this is the very essence of the role. It will be useful when devising systems for the department to follow, as well as when checking for issues with accounts.

They must also possess good communication skills in order to convey their ideas to the rest of the team. Discussions surrounding account discrepancies must also be handled sensitively.

Depending on the size of your company and whether or not you are offering a management role, you may want to specify a certain level of experience in your applicants. As well as looking out for longevity, you could also look at the extent to which a candidate has worked in areas related to your business.

Recruitment assistance from Portfolio

Portfolio Credit Control has a strong track record of helping business find exactly the right candidate for them. Our recruitment experts keep you involved throughout the process so that you can be sure the person you eventually hire is a good fit for your company.

If you need help getting your latest recruitment drive started, contact the team at Portfolio today.

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