Sales Ledger Assistant Recruitment

The completion of sales ledger invoices is a demanding yet essential task for many companies. Every organisation benefits from productive and hard-working staff in all departments – especially ones in charge of company cash flow.

Portfolio can help you find the right professionals for all of your credit control vacancies – including sales ledger assistants. Our specialist recruitment consultants have extensive experience in hiring for this specific role, and can tailor the approach according to your individual requirements.

About the Role

The main purpose of sales ledger clerks is to make sure that your company's invoices are thoroughly and accurately completed, so that all of the money owed to the company is accounted for in full.

Of course, you will often need your sales ledger assistants to complete work within strict deadlines, so you will need to hire someone with specific skills.

The common and crucial day-to-day activities include:

  • Setting up customer accounts
  • Composing invoices
  • Reviewing invoices to ensure that VAT has been applied
  • Issuing and reissuing invoices
  • Handling customer queries (chiefly invoice queries)
  • Contacting customers who have not yet paid
  • Reporting back to supervisors and managers

What We Look for in Applicants: Requirements

A good sales ledger clerk has many skills and personal attributes, which they use every day in their work. Here are four of the most crucial:

  • Finely honed maths skills – as discrepancies on invoices and other calculations must be quickly recognised
  • A sharp eye for detail – not just maths-related, as scrupulousness in other areas is particularly valuable in any admin-heavy role
  • Strong organisation skills – as workload prioritisation is key to efficiency and productivity within the role
  • Perseverance – one of the most difficult parts of the job is chasing debt from non-paying customers, so confidence and persistence are key

The ideal candidate possesses these already, as it helps to ensure that they fit into the team and into their role as seamlessly as possible. We want to ensure that your new hire can make a positive impact on operations from day one.

Make Portfolio Your Recruitment Partner

With Portfolio Credit Control as your trusted recruitment partner, all your vacancies will be filled with the right professionals.

Call us on 020 7650 3199 for more information or to talk to one of our recruiters. Alternatively, you can post your vacancy on our database, and we'll begin the search right away.

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