Temp Jobs in Credit Control

Advertising for credit control temp jobs can provide your department with the refresh it needs to keep operating at the highest level.

Portfolio Credit Control can assist in the recruitment of temporary staff to help make this idea a reality.

There are of course a number of different reasons why temporary credit control workers may be required, so at Portfolio Credit Control we can tailor our approach to fit your needs and timescale.

Reasons for hiring credit control temps

One of the most common reasons temporary staff may be required is to cover the extended absence of another staff member, for example due to illness or maternity leave.

There could also be a temporary increase in workload at your company, either due to seasonality or a special project that is being taken on. You may require credit control temps to support your staff during this period.

Some companies choose to hire temps in order to bring in fresh ideas to the company, often with the intention of converting them to full time staff after a predetermined trial period.

Whatever your reason for hiring temporary staff, Portfolio Credit Control can help you ensure your chosen candidate has the required qualities to succeed in the role.

Recruiting temporary credit control workers

Our team has a strong track record in finding high quality, talented individuals for a range of credit control roles, ranging from credit controller, sales ledger and credit analyst jobs all the way up to credit manager positions.

We can provide advice throughout the process and help you find applicants that are a perfect fit for your company on a professional and personal level. If you would like to find out more about the services we offer, call us on 020 7650 3199 to speak to one of our recruitment consultants.

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