The importance of communication in Credit Control

When most people think of Credit Control and billing administration, an image that will likely pop into many a head is that of a person crunching numbers furiously on a calculator.

Strong mathematical skills are integral to success as a Credit Controller, but this is not the only characteristic the job requires. As with most jobs, there are numerous additional skills an individual must possess and apply – one being great communication skills. So let us take a look at exactly why this is.

Dealing with customers

Credit control jobs often require extensive communication with customers and clients. It is crucial that staff know how to talk to the various types of customers, in order to get the best responses out of each one. For example, where more difficult customers are concerned, knowing whether a sensitive approach works or not is very important.

A good credit control professional will get to know how each customer or client responds to certain approaches. Sometimes, a less fragile approach is necessary, but retaining an air of politeness across all client communication is absolutely essential.

Liaising between departments

In addition to proficiency in external communication, a credit controller must be able to keep colleagues informed on progress within the credit control department. Inter-departmental liaison ties in with good organisation skills – another highly desirable trait for this line of work.

Often, a development in the credit control department will affect other teams within the business. In such an instance, this information must be shared as quickly and explicitly as possible, so that each individual or division can deal with it accordingly.

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