What makes a good debt collector?

As with many professions, individuals who work in debt collection should possess a number of key attributes and develop a number of skills in order to succeed in their role.

At Portfolio Credit Control, we know exactly what sort of things you should look for in debt collectors and credit controllers, so we thought we would take a look and share them with you.

The attributes all debt collectors should have


Understanding and empathising with the debtor's situation or predicament is very important. Debt collection is most certainly not about thinly veiled harassment – debt collectors should always communicate sensitively with customers.


This is very much linked to the previous point, but slightly different. Much of the debt collector's communication with debtors takes place over the phone. Remaining polite no matter what happens is imperative, as it will go a long way towards ensuring that the customer co-operates.


Naturally, many debtors do everything they can to avoid contact with their creditors. A good debt collection officer is able to politely persevere, contacting the customer at reasonable times of day and through the appropriate channels.


Keeping a close eye on each customer is crucial. Of course, this requires strong organisational skills, as the debt collector will often have to juggle between several different debtors at once. Planning and keeping a record of every example of correspondence with customers is also key, as it will provide clear reference points.

We can help you find an exemplary debt collector

Portfolio Credit Control can provide you with expert advice and guidance with regards to recruitment for your debt collection jobs. We have a great deal of experience and a superb eye for talent, and can quickly identify the strongest candidates from your long list of applicants.

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