What to look for in an interim credit control officer

Companies from all kinds of sectors hire temporary staff for busy periods like Easter and Christmas. Organisations which deal with money and the timely payment of it need to remain particularly attentive, which is why they seek expert help during busy times.

However, one of the problems with hiring temporary staff is that you can sometimes make a mistake – unless, of course, you know what to look for. Portfolio Credit Control can help with this.

Four essential traits

As with any important financial role, there are a number of personal characteristics and practical skills a good credit control officer will possess.

  • Strong mathematical skills are absolutely essential as a credit control officer – miscalculations can often lead to large losses and further problems in the future.
  • A sharp eye for detail is also hugely important, and goes hand in hand with numerical expertise. Being able to spot mistakes very quickly – or even before they are made – can save the credit control department a lot of time and resources as a whole.
  • Interpersonal skills are very desirable, as the credit control officer often has to communicate with a range of colleagues in different departments, and occasionally must contact external individuals – such as customers. The ability to communicate in a friendly yet concise and clear manner is an extremely valuable characteristic in any financial organisation.
  • Strong organisational skills are linked to an eye for detail in some respects, in that they ensure that time and resources are not wasted. These skills allow the officer to handle a number of different clients and matters simultaneously.

Recruitment expertise from Portfolio Credit Control

Portfolio Credit Control has unparalleled expertise in recruitment for roles within the financial sector. We have a solid team of recruitment consultants who know exactly what to look for, and can help your organisation identify the strongest candidates for the job.

To find out more about how we can help you hire the right interim credit control officer, contact us today on 020 7650 3199 to speak to one of our specialists, or email us at recruitment@portfoliocreditcontrol.com.

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