Portfolio Credit Control
Month: October 2013

Reasons for hiring temporary credit control staff

There are many reasons why you may want or need to bring in temporary staff to fill credit control roles within your company. Whether there is a practical necessity for this or you are simply hoping to revitalise your department and keep people on their toes, this is a fantastic chance to add a quality … Continued

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Small businesses avoiding additional debt

Small businesses are avoiding taking on any additional debt as they continue to anticipate a return to growth, according to studies conducted by the Bank of Cyprus UK. The organisation’s monthly ‘Owner Managed Business (OMB) Barometer’ showed that 58% did not need any additional help from their bank, while a further 34% put in their … Continued

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Interim Credit Manager

There are many reasons why you might need someone to step into a credit manager role on a temporary basis. It may be that a member of staff is taking an extended absence from work, or there may simply be a temporary increase in workload that you need to deal with. Whatever the reason, it … Continued

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Billing manager jobs

A billing manager plays a key role in any credit control team, heading up the rest of the group as they prepare, send and track client invoices. Portfolio Credit Control can help you find quality candidates with all the necessary attributes, and we will tailor our approach to the specific needs of your business to … Continued

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