Accounts Payable Jobs

Accounts payable staff have an important role to play in the day-to-day running of any credit control, as it is their job to ensure your accounts are settled on time and to the correct amount.

Portfolio Credit Control can help you find the best candidates for these vital vacancies, with our team of consultants offering years of experience in the recruitment sector.

Finding Quality Accounts Payable Candidates

Many of the attributes required of an accounts payable employee are similar to those needed in other credit control roles. For example, when dealing with money it is essential to show excellent attention to detail. This will help identify any discrepancies in your accounts, which could help prevent you from paying bills late. It also decreases the likelihood of potentially costly mistakes being made.

It may be that there is occasionally a problem with a bill or account, in which case your accounts payable team may need to deal with accounts receivable staff from another business. They will need to possess the interpersonal skill to resolve the issue quickly, sensitively and to the satisfaction of your business.

A degree of technological ability is also desirable in order for the candidate to get started on their work straight away. Most organisations look for proficiency in at least one of Microsoft Access, Excel or Oracle Database.

Let Portfolio Credit Control help with your recruitment

If your organisation would benefit from professional assistance in finding the ideal candidate for these roles, speak to the team at Portfolio Credit Control. We will assign you a dedicated recruitment consultant who will look after your campaign from start to finish.

We hand pick the best applicants from our candidate pool and discuss your vacancy with them. At this stage, we can eliminate anyone we feel is not right for your business or the role you are advertising.

This means that only the very best get through to see you for an interview, saving you the trouble of spending time on applications that aren't good enough. Our approach can be tailored to suit a range of opportunities, including credit controller and billing manager positions. Call us on 020 7650 3199 to find out more.

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