How to fill credit control vacancies

When a vacancy arises in your credit control team, it’s important to be absolutely clear about the sort of candidate you’re trying to attract.

These qualities will vary depending on the role itself and the nature of your business. For example, if your new employee will be working as part of a large team and liaising with others on a daily basis, strong interpersonal skills are a must.

This is a necessary attribute for many credit control roles. Accounts receivable staff will need to be adept at dealing patiently but firmly with clients that have outstanding payments, while credit manager jobs will require people skilled at running and motivating a team.

As well as this, you may wish to seek out applicants with the following qualities:

  • A technical understanding of what the job entails is obviously essential. The successful applicant should demonstrate great attention to detail, as this will be important in ensuring all accounts are up to date.
  • When dealing with clients, employees will need to display a range of qualities. They should be able to speak in a friendly manner with clients, while showing tact and determination if accounts start to fall behind.
  • A knowledge of computer systems is also necessary at all levels, and applicants should be able to show skills in Microsoft Access, Excel or Oracle Database.
  • If you are undertaking credit manager recruitment, you will naturally require more from the candidates. Look out for Institute of Credit Management (ICM) qualifications and a proven track record in the credit management sector.

How Portfolio Credit Control can help

By registering with Portfolio Credit Control, you will work with a dedicated recruitment consultant who will work hard to ensure you get access to the best candidates for your credit control vacancies.

Each applicant will be rigorously assessed to ensure their qualities match up to the requirements of the role, and only the strongest will be sent on to the interview stage.

We have an established track record of matching high quality candidates with both small independent businesses and large blue chip companies and everything in between. For more information contact us on 020 7650 3199.

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