What recruiters look for in credit managers

Managerial roles require leadership skills, and credit control management is no different. However, there are a number of other desirable attributes. Let's start by taking a look at what the job entails, before moving on to talk about some more desirable traits.

What the credit control manager's job entails

  • Checking the credit ratings and credit histories of customers
  • Deciding whether or not to extend credit to customers
  • Establishing the terms of credit for each customer
  • Ensuring that customers pay on time
  • Stopping the flow of credit to customers who consistently do not pay on time
  • Initiating legal action when necessary
  • Overseeing the work carried out by the rest of the credit control team

Attributes needed for success

Experience in finance

You don't necessarily have to employ someone who already has experience as a credit manager, but it is certainly advisable to appoint someone who has a few years' experience in some sort of credit control role.

Given the high level of responsibility that comes with the role, someone with managerial experience is preferable, but it's more important that you appoint someone who knows how credit control works. A suitable candidate will demonstrate their managerial abilities during their interview.

Decisiveness and confidence

In credit control work, decisions often have to be made at the drop of a hat. This requires decisiveness on the part of the person in charge. Without a straightforward and confident approach to decision-making, the effectiveness of any credit manager will be limited.

Of course, the decisions also need to be made correctly, so this is where experience links back in.

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